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Kids Music and Video|Personalized Gifts for Children

Kids Music and Video offers a complete personalized experience for your favorite child. These DVD’s and CD’s will make your child a STAR.

Personalized music CD’s from JUST ME MUSIC include, Mickey Minnie & Goofy “Sing-a-Long, Disney princess “Tea Party”, Elmo and Friends, Party with The Wiggles, VeggieTales “Silly Songs”.

Our DVD’s include: Little Mermaid, Snow White, Dream Book, Turbo Kid, Amazing Kid, Amazing Dad, Dora Diego and Me, Dora The Explorer, Precious Moments, Care Bears Winter Adventure, Gregory and Me Animal Adventure, Care Bears Fitness is Funtastic, Gregory See What I Can Do,My Christmas Adventure, Amazing Dad, Love Story.

Please take some time and explorer our website. In addition to the above you will also find NFL and Mediak products.

If you are interested in other gifts for children go to http://www.joey7804.com and browse all of the great ideas by clicking on the tabs on the top or in the left column.